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Getting your Certificate of Authenticity is take easy.
If you buy in our international store, you can send proof of purchase that our stores send to your mail each time you make a purchase and send it to us.
Once your purchase is proven, we will send you the certificate by email, so you can print it.
Send your proof of purchase to .
You can also choose to fill out this form and write in the message field the details of your purchase.
Name of the buyer - Name of the product - Quantity - Shop name - Type of article - Measures and date of purchase.

TeeChip lets creators sell custom printed t-shirts,drinkwareand phonecases to raise money.
There are no minimums, no risks and no upfront costs.


Head Office
41454 Christy Street,
Fremont, CA 94538
Official Art Shop dedicated to the realization of official illustrations on the films and image of Paul Naschy.
Illustrations made by Gerardo Moreno - Illustrator.

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